07 April 2015

Melbourne Comics Quarterly #2

This past Saturday was the launch of Melbourne Comics Quarterly #2 at Bartonica... but before that, some of us in the west caught up at our local Corinthians coffee joint. A very nice way to start a comics day :)

Darren, Neville & Renata.

Then later, at Bartonica the comics goodness was getting underway. Props to Neville Howard for creating and maintaining such a great comic and event.

Such a full and great launch.

Colin Wilson, and his bodyguard.

Darren Close.

This reaction from Larry (to my story called "Larry's Fault") was all that I wanted. Job done.

You kids and your phones.

Hector Bustnuts.

The 'speed-dating' area of the bar.

Paul Bedford (aka, Zangief)

Boyd (aka Poki).

You realise how much you miss the comic scene and the friends therein, the moment you start chatting and hugging.

Matt Kyme.

Some of my other books were on sale too.

So many cool classic video games were on offer.


The hard-working machine... who runs on beer.

Apologies for some of the 'grainy' photos above, but it was very dark in the bar, but figured it's better to show the event more than worry about the photo quality... Anyway, many thanks to the MCQ team for having me in their second issue, and making me feel welcome. It was a memorable weekend... :)

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