06 May 2015

Free Comic Book Day 2015

Unless you're not into comic books, most of you would have been aware that this last weekend was Free Comic Book Day across the world. It was no different here in our great city of Melbourne, other than the fact that All Star Comics hosted the best day ever. I was honored to be selected by All Star, along with a bunch of other great Comic Artists who signed and sketched for the kids and fans who showed up on the day.

When I got there at 10.15am, a line was already snaking around the corner to get into All Star Comics!

An amazing sight to see how popular All Star (and comics in general) was on the day :)

Official All Star photographer extraordinaire... Muhammad Iqbal.

"Cook the man some eggs!"

I arrived to Artists Alley (a block from All Star Comics), to a packed alleyway. Nice!

Darren Close & Brendan Hallyday.

The awesome graphic novels for sale on the Milk Shadow Books table.



Kids & families all over the place.

Darren Close.

James Andre & Frank Candilloro.

Below are the various sketches I did for the kids and fans throughout the day. I had a great time chatting to you all, and had some surprisingly in depth conversations regarding the hows & whys of creating artwork in our lives.



The Joker.

Lucas Testro asked me to draw whatever I wanted (I love hearing this request), or one of the gas-masked characters from my OXYGEN story. Both requests are one in the same really.



Indiana Jones.

Trevor Wood.

Colin Wilson.

Brendan Hallyday.

As the day ended, I caught up with my sister & John for a coffee at Brunetti's in the city square. A perfect group of finches (i think) swooped onto the leftovers of previous biscuit eaters.

Wedding photography was being snapped as we walked by Blade Runner alley.

For a moment I was 'that' guy on his phone.

Colin Wilson gave me with a copy of pt#2 of WONDERBALL. With a personalised sketch on the inside cover to boot! It's all in French, but who cares. It's wonderball (and Colin Wilson).

The day was so good. From sketching for kids and fans, to walking through a relaxing city with my camera later, and chilling out with my sister & John. Looking forward to Free Comic Book Day again next year!

29 April 2015

Homecooked Comics Festival 2015

This past weekend was the Homecooked Comics Festival at the Northcote Town Hall. From Friday-Sunday, Melbourne hosted and presented some of the Australia's best talents in talks and presentations (Dean Rankine, Paul-Peart Smith, Dylan Horrocks, Thomas Campi, Bruce Mutard, etc)... along with familiar local creators and contributors to our great scene.

I was also lucky enough to do a 45min demonstration on inking with nibs, while I yacked on about my why's and how's. Thanks to those that attended, and to Sarah Howell for having me :)

Bernard Caleo.

Bruce Mutard & Paul Bedford.

Paul-Peart Smith


Scarlette Baccini.

Alana & Craig Bruyn.

I was pleased to hear that Craig liked my NO MAP, BUT NOT LOST book. The whole point of that book was to showcase old (often embarrassing) comics of mine in the hopes it would show a progression of a creator. Craig absolutely got it, and I had a nice chat to him about it. Thanks man!

Cris Roux & Neville Howard.

Brendan Hallyday & Darren Close.

Tim Molloy.

Colin Wilson.

Ben Hutchings.

Bruce Mutard sketching for the kids.

Dean Rankine.

I see you Darren.

The great participants and organisers. (Bernard Caleo & Sarah Howell).

Thomas Campi
(grainy photo thanks to me not setting my camera properly).

I've been admiring Thomas' watercolour illustrations and comics since he arrived in Sydney. I finally got to say hello to him towards the end of the event and picked up some of his work. Such a nice guy.

I had so much fun at this event. Definitely the standout in the comics calendar for me. This is what all comics events should aim for. Well done to all the organisers and participants for making it so good.

Apologies if I missed mentioning anyone at the event or in photos, but my mind is a siv at the moment :)