28 October 2012

A perfect Sunday.

Wake up without alarm (10.30am), breakfast (toast, beans, coffee), grocery shopping, workout (shoulders), lunch (pasta Bolognese)... rest of day spent thumbnailing comics (playing catchup)... nowhere to be, sun is out, bird's are chirping... Life doesn't get much better (in my world).


Paulo Bedfordo said...

Fuck me! An update!
Holy shit! You drew something!

David Bird said...

Hi Bobby
Glad to see you making an entry to your blog. Thought you had basically given it up; it had become so infrequent. Missed it as a news resource, and seeing works-in-progress, and your photographic record and experiments. Hope things are all okay with you, and the creative muse has not disappeared.

Bobby.N said...

DAVID: No, couldn't give this addiction up if I tried, David. I've had a very exacting contract-design job this year (which is now winding to a close), and this basically blew my comics routine out of the water. I'm back now though :)

PAUL: Shut yer face.