05 December 2012

Comics Meetup: 01.12.2012

I almost didn't make it to this one, but my personal cattle-prod, Paul Bedford, rang me to get my arse over to this year's last comic's meetup for 2012. About 30-40 people showed up. It was a great. Really.

I didn't have my camera gear with me this time, so my mobile phone had to suffice for the above snaps.

In 2013, I'm determined to bring out (at least) two more issues of DIGESTED, and perhaps a little something else... but we'll see... we'll see.

05 November 2012

Comics Meetup: 03.11.2012

How wonderfully emabarrassing for our good friend, Colin! 

Tom Taylor

John (the wog) Petropolous.

Some gay guy looking at gay porn on his phone.

Trevor Wood.

Another one of Colin Wilson's quick (?) sketches.

Brendan Halyday, proving that there's some things you can't do with digital comics.

28 October 2012

A perfect Sunday.

Wake up without alarm (10.30am), breakfast (toast, beans, coffee), grocery shopping, workout (shoulders), lunch (pasta Bolognese)... rest of day spent thumbnailing comics (playing catchup)... nowhere to be, sun is out, bird's are chirping... Life doesn't get much better (in my world).

05 August 2012

Comics meetup 04.08.12

This month's meetup was awesome! About 40-50 people packed the entire pub... no occasion... just an unexpected aligning of everyone's planets. It was one for the books.

Joey Morris.


Paul Bedford & Tom Taylor.

The very busy and important sector of the comics community.

Rockin the moustach for the last day.

The giddy, Jason Franks.

Grange, Kane and Frank.

Just like the opening scene to the movie, Blade.

Larry, replenishing his tank after Paul emptied it.

- Bobby.N