27 October 2011

THIS Saturday folks...!

I'll be at the HUGE Gestalt All Star Book Launch Extravaganza! this Saturday selling my latest comic issue of DIGESTED#5!

Not only will you be able to buy my sweet little new book (above) for ONLY $5, but I'll also be offering a limited number of small framed prints done exclusively for Saturday's launch for ONLY $12! This limited print (shown below) is the main charcter of the DIGESTED series done as a stand alone illustration. Also, just ask, and I'll sign my book and the back of the picture frame for you.

First in, gets these little beauties... So get in quick, because when they're gone, they're gone!

- Bobby.N

25 October 2011

Armageddon 2011

So, despite me stating that my new issue of DIGESTED#5 was going to be on sale at this year's Armageddon... it wasn't. The courier's promise that it would "positively be delivered to me by Thursday, or Friday the LATEST" turned out to be bullshit. My publisher was angry, and so was I. By Friday evening it was apparent that they'd screwed me. The whole reason I green-lit the expense of exhibiting at Armageddon this year was because I thought I'd have the book in my hands. Ah well.

So... in thinking about what inventory I actually had, I decided to pack a few more framed pieces of artwork in the hopes of making up some of the slack left by the DIGESTED#5's absence. I also burnt the midnight oil the night before trying to have as much organised as I could. I think I only had 3 hours of sleep before my alarm clock aborted me out of bed on Saturday morning.

I got up, packed what I had into my car, and drove off toward the city eating a muesli bar. I was greeted at the convention by some confusion of table locations, but we soon sorted it out and began setting up our respective tables as the clock counted down. With no time to spare, we'd set up, and the flood gates opened letting in hoards of people. Let the games begin.

Some of the NonCanonical crew; Joey Morris, Larry Boxshall and Josh Crawford

Jason Franks and me

A very full convention

The Guzumo and Milk Shadow Books crew

Ben Hutchings selling his beautiful WALKING TO JAPAN newspaper comic

Matt Emery and James Andre

Colin Wilson sketching

The excited, Trevor Wood... actually, we all looked like this on Sunday.

Trevor even sketched this cartoon of me... but I take exception with the 'falseness' of my depiction... my ears ARE NOT that small.

Bruce Mutard selling, and signing, his epic tomes

Brendan Halyday and Matt Emery

Jason Franks talking to Trevor Wood

Trevor Wood selling his popular Sawbones comics

The Milk Shadow Books table

Killeroo creator, Darren Close

Frank Candiloro. Don't worry Frank, by Sunday your brain would have been toast anyway.

The dynamic duo of Tom Taylor and Colin Wilson

THE LIST's, Paul Bedford

Greg Gates

Angelo Madrid

I got to meet one half of the legendary BUG & STUMP creators; John Petropoulos.

John is one of the funniest and friendliest guys you'll meet. Me and Jason Franks had a great conversation about the hayday of independant comics in the 80s/90s when John was drinking buddies with Dave Sim. (This was MY favorite era in comics.)

Paul Mason; one of the hardest working cartoonists there... and a great guy too.

Jason Franks did a stand-up job of saving Paul from an obsessive 'nutjob' fan who started going off on wild military conspiracy theories, like Iraq and the twin towers. That'll teach you to do a military comic, Paul.

The crowd winds down just before Sunday's close

Despite the gruelling physical and mental toll that these big conventions exact on you, I can truly say that this year's Armageddon was one of the best I'd been to in years. By the time Sunday afternoon had rolled around, we couldn't deny the success most of us had.

As I mentioned to Chew Chan in a brief chat that weekend, these 'pop' culture events really require comic authors to offer people something more than just 'comics'. Unlike the more literary events (zine fairs or writers festivals), these big expos now require the comic author to provide more diverse material to buyers in order to make sales. Luckily I brought along my frames illustrations. It was an experiment that saved my skin (considering I didn't have DIGESTED#5 to sell). I noticed that some of my fellow cartoonists were doing comissions and sketches, but for some reason I don't seem to attract that kind of buyer. It seems that finished/printed illustration is what works for me. It was a learning experience of what these big events have become to a comic author. You gotta 'bend'.

Saturday was manic and very crowded, and sales trickled in slower than expected. Our row of tables were obstructed by a regular queue for signings down the hall by celebrities. Unfortunantly, Jason Franks also lost his float money during that afternoon. Buy Sunday, complaints by a few of us exhibitors on Twitter soon convinced the organisers to clear the line, and we were able to have better access to the crowds of people. Chalk one up for social networking. By the afternoon, I looked and felt hammered. Jason Franks mentioned that I was pretty flat and abrupt to customers at that time. I think a girl came up to my table with a bright enthusiastic grin and asked, "Oh wow, how much are these?!" - and I just pointed to each item on my table and replied, " 5, 5, 15, 5, 10, 7 " and slumped back into my chair without uttering another word. Great, friendly salesmanship eh?

Anyway, aside from the lines of people queuing for autographs that blocked our tables from all buyers early on in the convention (the only real sore point we had), Armageddon did a fantastic job this year in placing like minded material, (books, art, etc), at the opposite end of the stadium to the loud bells-and-whistles of wrestling and video games. Seperating the event into a more logical layout like this was a win-win for both sellers and buyers. Well done Armageddon! So all in all, we had a blast.


  • 9 out of 10 people pay with $50 notes (no kidding).
  • Thanks to Jason Franks and Trevor Wood for the company either side of me... and sorry for having to put up with my embarrassing comments for two whole days.
  • Meeting legends in the film and comics industry was a total trip.
  • Catching up with old & new friends.
  • The laughs.
  • The 'planets' that were wearing skimpy costumes. Jesus, it was enough to turn me celibate.
  • Seeing the results of the hard work authors had put into comics.
  • Meeting & talking to readers of DIGESTED face-to-face.
  • The sleep afterwards.


That night, I turned off my phone, and collapsed into bed hoping to sleep until noon the next day. Lights out. Early next morning some twit starts banging on my front door. I get up pissed. It's the courier. My newly printed issues of DIGESTED#5 had arrived... just in time for two days ago. Sign form. Slam door. Back to bed.

Thank god I don't do this every week.

- Bobby.N

PS: And don't forget this weekend in Melbourne...

24 October 2011

DIGESTED#5... Out Now!

Yes, DIGESTED#5 is out! This issue continues the OXYGEN story, where our main protagonist starts to realise some quite profound things. And for desert, there's also a short story at the end.

You can buy it online right now at:

And if your local comic shop doesn't already stock my DIGESTED series, then why not? Ask the guy/girl over the counter to contact Gestalt Comics and order a batch NOW.


21 October 2011


Stressing to get all my shit together for tomorrow's big Armageddon convention. Here's another print that'll be available.

Henry Rollins

- Bobby.N


Burning the midnight oil trying to get all my collateral ready for this weekend's Armageddon convention. If you meet me and I look like a coke-addict at the event, you'll know why. Here's another author print that will be on sale.

Ernest Hemingway

- Bobby.N

19 October 2011


I'll be doing a series of framed portraits of authors and influences in the coming weeks. This one is of my favorite poet, Charles Bukowski.

I'll be bringing only 2 or 3 prints of ol 'Hank' (above) - along with some others - to Armageddon this weekend... so if you're in Melbourne, come past my table (AA9), say hello, and you too could own a framed print of Buk to hang above your typewriter, computer, or where ever.

- Bobby.N

18 October 2011

Comics meetup in Melbourne [ 08.10.12 ]

Sparky and Frank

Cefn Ridout

Greg Gates (above left) showing me a book that Angelo (above right) brought in. The book is by Spanish cartoonist 'Carlos Giménez' and is absolutely brilliant. Can't seem to find it in English though, which is a shame.

Look who taken the mantle from Jason Franks as 'guy drinking beer at meetups'... none other than Frank Candiloro.

Darren Close brought Frank Miller's latest controversial book in, HOLY TERROR. Flicking through it quickly impressed me. Harks back to the first Sin City novel... but Colin Wilson sitting next to me was so appauled by Franks' views in this book that he won't even look at it on principle... Damn, talk about making me want to READ it now!

Comic book stars Tom Taylor and Tristian Hugh Jones (centre back)

Another full turnout.

Brendan Hallyday

Legend and gentleman... Colin Wilson.

James Andre (left)

Trevor Wood (right) stealing Frank's beer. Just look at the frustration.

Greg Gates getting smashed.

Good times.

Later in the week (Wednseday night to be exact), I popped into the State Library where Bernard Caleo (top left) hosted the final COMIC CLUB for this year. I'd never been before, but managed to get to this one where the topic of discussion was Alison Bechdel's book, FUN HOME. A great, serious and intellectual chat on a comic book. Yes, we need more of this!