30 August 2011

Fast & Furious...

While I buy old comics and lenses... THIS is what my brother just bought on eBay today.

A 1967 Ford Galaxie. Our dad had the 4-door sedan version while we were growing up (that he wrapped around a pole)... so 30 years later, my brother is trying to show him up with this rare 2-door coupe version. Can't wait to see it in the flesh when it's shipped over.

29 August 2011


I had to head into the city for an errand this morning, but before getting on the train, I packed an old issue of The Comics Journal from my dusty shelf (No.193, which features Seth's interview).

I tell you, they don't make things like this anymore. It's like reading a newspaper devoted entirely to the serious discussion of comic books from a literary standpoint. My favorites are the issues from the 90s and late 80s. So many discussions with seminal authors and their work. Not just soundbite Q&A's, but in depth interviews that often run for 10-25 pages! Brillaint.

You can read most of the back issues on The Comics Journal's website now, though in my opinion, nothing beats reading them in their original yellow-faded magazine state.


26 August 2011


My little Sony Nex-5 camera is nothing special, but what IS special is the vintage lenses I can mount on it. This 1970's Minolta Rokkor 58mm F/1.4 is one of my favorites to shoot with. A big heavy hunk of steel and glass that harks back to the days of technicolour, moustaches,... and style.

Oh... and I can't wait for THIS next year!


12 August 2011

A day in the city...

One of the good things about being unemployed at the moment is that you have a lot of free time to sleep, work out, watch DVDs... and do comics! So today Jason Franks and I organised to meet in the city for a comic work day.

Jason Franks

We got into the city at around 1.45pm and quickly ducked into STCIKY INSTITUTE to say hello to long-time comic'er Aaron Burgess. Remember his awesome ESCAPE and INK series from the early 2000's...? Well, he was up from Tasmania helping out behind the Sticky Institute counter.

Aaron Burgess.

Aaron & Bobby.N

Jason Franks & Aaron

After a nice hello and chat, we left Aaron to work. It was great putting a voice & face to the name of the guy who was responsible for one of the premier Australian comics forums at the time (it's name escapes me right now), and the best anthologies our small scene had at the time.

It wasn't long before Jason and I headed to a nearby foodcourt and set down to work over lunch. It was a great afternoon of chatting, eating, and working on comics. Before I knew it, I glanced at my watch and it was almost 6.00pm! Man time flies when your having fun.

I finished inking another page during our afternoon session.

Well, I seem to have finally gotten a rhythm going in these last weeks. It feels like I have a routine happening now and am getting pages done consistently, though I don't know what'll happen once I get a job. Ah, well... make comics hay while the sun is shining I say :)


10 August 2011

Sensitive Creatures

Mandy Ord is launching a new big book called SENSITIVE CREATURES! She's one of Melbourne's best-known cartoonists, and has been slogging it out for the last few years behind her drawing to produced this 302 page monster!

If you're in Melbourne on the 18th (Thursday evening), drop by and have Mandy sign a copy for you at READINGS in Carlton.


07 August 2011

August Comics Meet [06.08.11]

Yesterday morning (Before this month's meet), a few of the comic-gang (Jason Franks, Brendan Hallyday, and I) got up early to help James Andre move house. I haven 't done one of these in a while, but suddenly remembered the heaving and bruising of getting beds, fridges, and sofas up stairs and around tight corners that have no chance in hell of fitting. Hey... it was a good work out with HUGE tetris pieces.

Anyway, 5 1/2 hours later, we boogied our way down to the meet, albeit fashionably late. We were astonished to find one of the BIGGEST meetups I can remember!

There must have been 40-50 comic nuts in that pub when we arrived! Aside from about 4-5 people off in a far corner, the rest of the place was chocka-block full of comicers.

I snapped Matt Emery leaving as we arrived.

We know why Jason came, eh...?

Some of the big guns... Tristian Hugh Jones, Katie-Houghton-Ward, and Tom Taylor (with son).

Larry Boxshall reading serious stuff, folks.

Trevor Wood working.

Tom Taylor.

Jason Franks and I were flicking through Tom's new THE DEEP book... just released through Gestalt Publishing. It looks absolutely AWESOME inside the pages! Go and buy it.

The pensive-strength of Tristian Hugh Jones.

Hey... Larry!

Colin Wilson & Katie Houghton-Ward.

Jason Franks & Tom Taylor.

Jason Franks.

Tristian Hugh Jones & Colin Wilson.


Harrison Chua.

Trevor Wood in a serious discussion with Philip Bently.

Joey Morris (right)

Folio work on show.

The hatching of big plans.

A brilliant meet this month! One of the best so far. Plenty of comics chatting, eating, drinking and fun. You should'v all come down.

But don't hang yourself yet... there's always next month's meet:

Prince Alfred Hotel
191 Grattan St, Carlton,

3rd September 2011
2pm - 6pm


04 August 2011

The secret weekly show...

Look... I've been sworn to secrecy, so I can't say much.

Someone in Melbourne (lets call him Mr-X) is producing a weekly video web show. Completely professional and high production values. Judging by the sample footage we saw, the weekly video web show will be awesome! Trust me.

This show will differ from others in that it'll focus on the creative side. The whys, whats, and hows. It's really aimed at the 'craft' of making comics.

Here are some behind-the-scenes shots I took at the second shooting a few weeks ago.

That's all for now.


03 August 2011

The next Melbourne comics meet...

On the first Saturday afternoon of every month, a few of us comic book nuts get together at a quiet inner city pub for a casual drink and chat. So, if you're into comics, come on down.


Prince Alfred Hotel
191 Grattan St, Carlton,

6th August 2011
2pm - 6pm