27 February 2011

24 February 2011


This was a page I doodled during the 'Sticky Zine Fair' a few weeks ago while I was selling my books behind a table. Because it was in the 'Paris' end o fthe city, it had very 'arty' people walking by with unique looks. I find the 'perfect' Hollywood person extremely dull to draw. Give me an old man or wierdo anyday.


20 February 2011

BIG ARSE Comics Launch #1

A huge thank you to everyone who came along to our booklaunch last night. Given the way it was so effortlessly organised via email between us, I expected the night to be good... But it turned out to be GREAT.

I'm sure I can speak for all of my fellow authors in attendance last night when I say that it far exceeded what we ever hoped for. After last night's gigantic turnout, there's no way I'd ever try to organise a booklaunch on my own after seeing the cost-effective and easy turnout that a group of friends and the internet can produce. Bloody fantastic!

The event officially kicked off at 6pm, but all of us authors got there about 4pm to setup. Thanks mostly to the 'can-do' Jason Franks who spearheaded the organisation of the venue, catering and getting Bernard Caleo to M.C. We all owe you a lot, Jase. Thanks.

The perfect, shiny books. All set up.

At about 4.30, we were all set up... and so we all headed to the bar.

Some of us needed to unwind before the crowds arrived.

We had some time to kill, so I suggested we sit in the beer garden and have a chat about our books, comics, etc. I recorded it on audio. Have a listen to us if you're bored at work.

NB: My webserver doesn't have the capacity for much more large files like this audio... so if you want me to post more conversations in the future, email me some suggestion of storage sites on the net that I can link to from here. Is there something like Photobucket (only for podcasts) on the web?

Soon afterwards... friends and loved ones were the first to arrive.

This...? THIS... is the guy we got to M.C the evening?

But seriously though, we can't thank Bernard Caleo enough for taking the time out on a Saturday night to launch our event, and to his sister Anna for the use of her bar. We are ever grateful.

It wasn't long before the place started to fill up.

Matt Emery's work is a best-seller at the Alternate Worlds comic shop in Melbourne. Larry and Joe are huge fans. Other great comic authors were there too, like the esteemed Star Wars Invasion Artist/Writer duo of Colin Wilson and Tom Taylor. Colin has just released a best seller in France too. Check it out. Local creator Katie Houghton-Ward came along too. She has a story appearing in next month's Heavy Metal magazine.

Then it was time to gather everyone in the rear beer garden. It was jam packed! It was wonderful... and Bernard out-did himself introducing the event with his usual showmanship. The authors also got up and thanked everyone... and then Bernard finally launched the night with his famous HUZZAH!'s (all three of them).

Click on the small image above to see a panorama photo of the speech.

We all sat down after Bernard's launch speech, and proceeded to sign/sketch in people's books. All the respective girlfriends commented on how similar all of us authors looked with our buzz-cuts and shaved heads... but that I was the odd one out because I wasn't wearing glasses. (*sniff*... the black sheep.)

There was love all around.

Joe and Larry from the famous NonCanonical podcast.

  • My fellow authors on the night. You're the greatest.
  • The new readers/fans that I met.
  • Flicking through the pages of Colin Wilson (Star Wars Invasion illustrator)'s new french graphic novel "Qui a Tué le Président?" (Who Killed the President?)... my God, this thing is gobsmackingly beautiful! Read more on Colin's blog. I hope it comes out in English.
  • Matt Emery was signing his book, and Joey Morris stands over him and asks, "Draw something disgusting... The more fucked up the better."
  • Thank you to James' girlfriend, Matilda, for manning the book purchases.
  • The (sober?) James Andre was signing his book for Larry Boxshall, and instead of signing it to 'Larry'... he signed it to 'James' -ha! (I got to hear Larry's infectious laugh as a result.)
  • The relaxed and interesting conversation I recorded with the creators in the beer garden before the event launched.
  • Bernard Caleo's speech.
  • Anna Caleo for allowing us to take over Eydies.
  • The printers/publishers that helped get the books in on time for the event.

So again... Thanks to the fine guys who launched their books on the night with me, and to Bernard and Anna Caleo. Thanks also to all of you who turned up and supported us, bought our books, and filled the venue to the brim. What a night.

Melbourne, I think we've started something.


13 February 2011

this coming weekend!...

Don't forget - it's on THIS Saturday!


sticky annual zine fair

I'd always missed this event, but not this year. My fellow author James Andre informed me a few weeks ago and I got in. It's held every year in the underground subway entrance to Melbourne's Flinders Street train station. Right in front of the Sticky Institute bookshop (The organisers of this great little event).

The deceptively crowded walkway was mainly due to people trying to catch their trains, but one did get a fair few stopping to check out what was on offer.

The theme this year was 'I am typewriter'.

Some of Melbourne's most well-known comic book authors were there.

I had my books, postcards and illustrations out. It only went for 5hrs, but I had a ball. If you make your own comics or zines, it's well worth attending this great litte event next year.


05 February 2011


Watched this again the other night, and it's bloody brilliant. I'm not sure why this movie goes under the radar. It could be the all-too-easy and unfair 'meathead' light that is cast on Vin Diesel, but the movie is not pretending to be 'The Shawshank Redemption'. It's similar to the flack Stallone's 'Expendables' movie got. It's all too easy to bag a piece of creative work for what it's not. For the genre that this movie is aiming for, it hits the bullseye... in spades.

'The Chronicles of Riddick' is a sci-fi thrill ride with great cinematography, design and adventure. This is the kind of movie built for the big screen. It's the kind of movie you think about watching on you home theatre system.


04 February 2011

Melbourne's monthly meetup...

It's my brother's birthday on the 5th Feb, so doubt I can drop by this time. The rest of the gang should be there though.