31 March 2011

Alternate Worlds

Alternate Worlds Comics & Collectibles here in Melbourne has been the single biggest supporter of my DIGESTED series of any store I know... thanks primarily to Larry Boxshall who works in the store (Who is also a member of the famous NonCanonical weekly podcast).

Larry has been passionately championing local comic talent by recognising that there are customers who'd dearly like independant comic books, if only they could see them on shelves... so Larry's been a gem in organising a central shelf in the store to showcase some premier local talent. Check it out...

Bruce Mutard, Matt Emery, Jason Franks, Brendan Hallyday and I are all showcased on a central shelf amongst all the main titles.

He's even written a nice speel under our works to entice buyers.

My books have been selling like hotcakes in the store, and recently I asked Matt Emery how his books were selling, to which he replied, "They're going gangbusters!"

So thanks Larry... you're a champ!


06 March 2011

March meetup

This is the first meetup I've been to this year, so it was good to catch up with my scribbling and writing friends again. The meet was already well under way by the time I arrived at 2.30pm.

We're all a friendly bunch at these monthly meetups.

A new face came along... Illustrator, Leigh Kuilboer (who drew the story 'Desert Leviathan' in Jason Franks' KAGEMONO anthology), was there with his impressive folio. I turned on my voice recorder just as we were finishing a heated disscussion about the recent movie 'I am number 4', and then Leigh and Jason began discussing their work in the latest KAGEMONO. Appologies for the noisy background audio, but it's a rowdy pub.

I also asked James Andre and Jason Franks about their thoughts on how the Big Arse Comics Launch went for them. Paul Bedford and Colin Wilson make a brief appearance.

Speaking of Colin Wilson...

I bought his latest French graphic novel "Qui a Tué le Président?" (Who Killed the President?) at this March meetup after glimpsing it at the previous BIG ARSE launch. Colin was generous enough to do a quick sketch on the inside cover for me...

Jesus Christ, what a sketch!... it a BIG sketch too... it takes up most of the inside cover. Makes my doodles that I do for people look like stick figures. Colin also drew something similar in Jason's copy. Take a look...

I also tried asking Paul Bedford about his book THE LIST, but as usual it quickly degenerated into two chimpanzees fighting over a banana. Paul and I just can't speak civily to each other. Sorry.