09 December 2011

Old stuff

I keep unearthing old un-finished pages that never amounted to anything, other than being excercises in craft.

This page, along with other finished and unfinished works, will appear in my new bumper book... coming very soon.

- Bobby.N

05 December 2011

The final meetup of 2011

About 40 people turned up to this last Melbourne comic meetup of 2011, which also doubled as a send-off for Greg Gates.

Kranburn creator Ben Michael Byrne was signing his newly released comic for a fan.

I'm not sure if John Retallick is angry, disgusted, or lustful

The man of the moment... Greg Gates

Bruce Mutard giving Greg a farewell, before presenting us all with copies of the comic 'Geg #1' (Made especially for Greg's farewell.)

(Panorama photo taken from Colin Wilson's iPhone)

Greg#1 (middle above) was a free comic given out during this meetup to ALL who attended. It features comics, words, pinups and art from many Australian comic-creators as a tribute to the great man.

Greg lapped it up.

Skinheads planning who they're going to bash.

Bruce Mutard and Philip Bentley

Daniel Reed

Paul Bedford has only recently started drinking again... and is trying to remember how.

A prerequisite for working on The List is that you have to be well-adjusted.

The best in the business.

Jason Franks.

The farewell dinner for Greg. Ingredients were: (1) Great company (2) Comics talk (3) A bitchy waitress

Deciding on what to eat.

Brendan Hallyday doing the 'Jimbo'

Matt Emery

Greg Gates (above) will sorely be missed by all of us regulars who have come to know him as a friend and solid voice/proponent of the medium. When I first came to these meetups there were only a handfull of us who attended. Often no more than 2-5 people... now we average anywhere from 25-45 at every gathering. Greg's love of the medium and desire to gather with like-minded comic-nuts is the reason for it's current success.

When I first (timidly) stuck my head into these comic meets, Greg was the first objective voice to see potential in my work and give me encouragement... something I'll always be grateful for.

Thanks Greg... all the best mate.

- Bobby.N

03 December 2011

The chronology of Bobby.N...

Working on an anthology that chronicles my self-published comics all the way until today. I've been riffling through old folders of pages that I drew in the late 90's and early 2000's. There's a fair bit of embarrssing stuff. Some unpublished, and some that have only been seen in obscure anthologies.

I'm still piecing the book together (which looks like being about ~150 pages... give or take?), but anyway, stay tuned to see my old crappy work, the stuff in-between, all the way until now.

The book will be released at the Big Arse 2 launch in March 2012.

- Bobby.N

30 November 2011

The Big Arse 2 illustration

Here's a quick run-through of how I went about illustrating the Big Arse 2 poster (shown in my previous post).

Firstly, I sketched out some rough ideas. I was set on having another fat 'cottage cheese' type chick as the 'hero' for the next Big Arse event. I like art which represents the 'street-level' aspect of everyday people. If you haven't guessed by now, I find drawing 'perfect' people to be boring. There's too little detail and character. They all look like they've come off a production line.... but give me wrinkles, nicks and humanity... and my drawing hand is buzzin.

Predictably though, in my social life, I'm still a typical guy with pedestrian hormones. My fetishes in art don't necessarily translate to the ones in 'meat space'... so no, all you fat loud broads out there, don't even bother.

I can understand where R.Crumb was coming from. I think from memory; that when they used to do photo shoots of him with the same types of 'thick' sexy women he drew (to feature on magazine covers), that he didn't get turned on at all. In fact he felt uncomfortable. One's artistic pedilictions versus the real-life (innate ones) can be very different. Thank god for that... especially for those who draw horror comics :)

Aaaanyway... my initial thought was to have the main female in the poster as one of those g-string bimbos that hold up the 'round' cards in a boxing match (as intimated in some of the sketches above) ... but then I began imagining the design of the poster (thinking ahead), as something different from last years one. Y'know, I didn't want it to be another typical comic book-style cover with a lot going on... but rather, have it be a clean and bold design, with the dumpy fat chick as the main focus. My 'design' head started seeing her in isolation... and so I focussed on her alone. I made her more 'comic book' related to be more suggestive of the event at hand. I then blew up the top right sketch (shown in the sketches above), and printed it out at a very faint and low-resolution on my art-card

Tight-pencilling over the blown-up sketch.

Inking the pencilled page (first part of the image above)... then removing everything but the black on computer (second image above).

And, after the colouring... whala.

- Bobby.N