26 March 2009

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I have a story I'm working on in the background whenever I get a chance. I'm using the inking method of jumping around to different scenes/arcs throughout the story so the final book looks more uniform. (ie. The artwork at the end doesn't look drastically better than the first page.) I used this method producing WITHHELD and was happy with the results.

Here's a page of the secret project (well, not so secret now), that I finished today...

Anyway, I doubt I'll make it to Supanova this weekend, so I'll see the rest of you at the following weekend's monthly meetup.

Prince Alfred Hotel
Grattan St, Carlton


20 March 2009

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Ok, just finished inking the last 2 panels of pg-15...

Just need to clean up and add my grey tone behind the artwork, and after that I attack (ink) the penciled pg-16 that's shown in the previous post... but now, it's 6pm on a Friday night, and I'm off to play some hoops with the guys at Williamstown.

Ok, so the next morning I finished page-15 off by cleaning it up, adding a grey tone, and lettering it.

Whenever I get to the final stages where I use the computer for minor polishes and edits, Im always mindful not to let it look like a machine has necessarily touched the artwork. I think the strength of the best comics are those that look like a 'hand' has actually made it.

Make your comic/book look the best it can. Care about the printing and presentation by all means, please... but don't forget that one of the best things about minis & zines is the fact that you can tell a person did it. It seems precious, worthwhile, and honest. Thats what people respond to. Computers take away that sincerity incrementally. Your work will start to look plastic. Your final printed pages will look manufactured instead of created.

Don't let the computer 'draw' your comics.

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Right now I'm inking the last 2 panels on pg-15 of my story OXYGEN... but just so you have something to look forward to, here's the pencil of the next page (pg-16) of the story ready to be inked as soon as I'm done.


13 March 2009

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As mentioned previously, I have my complete story WITHHELD reprinted in the upcoming anthology FLINCH along with a whole bunch of other great illustrators & authors. This wonderful book is now available for pre-order on the official FLINCH Website, or through Amazon. So order now before it sells out!

Here's a video preview of some of the art in the book...

Or view a bigger version of it at YouTube ... enjoy!


08 March 2009

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A while ago, Trev Woods asked me to contribute a small piece for the back of their next SAWBONES trade paperback. I said, "sure!"... and then proceeded to forget all about it. At yesterday's meetup, Trev reminded me that he was putting the volume together for publication this coming Friday and wondered how i was going with my drawing, so a little embarrassed, I appologised and began sketching some ideas right there at the meetup with people drinking beers all around (Acting all anti-social)... and here is the artwork after I finshed inking it this afternoon...

Hopefully Trev & Jen don't mind me showing it.

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Today had a real overcast 'Spring' feel to it, and I was looking forward to catching up with the local comicers this month. I got there just after 2pm and found the elder statesmen Greg Gates and Colin Wilson sitting there chatting outside in the cool air. It began with a "Hello gentlemen" from me, as others started to drip in to the meet.

Soon Jason, Trev, Bruce, (and newcomer) Ivan dropped in. Bruce brought a long a complete pre-press dummy of his next epic tome (The Silence) that will be published by Allen & Unwin later this year. It looks absolutely beautiful. If you haven't already seen Bruce's work, then buy his most recent novel The Sacrifice and you'll be able to see just how good this chap is.

There was a decent sized turnout this month of about 10-12 people. Brendan brought along a selection of recent GN's that we flicked through, and I sat sketching ideas for a picture for Trev & Jen's next issue of Sawbones which I'd promised them, but forgotten to do (...bad Bobby, bad).

  • Chatting with Greg & Colin about the older Golden/Silver age inkers that have gotten worse through time.
  • Talk with Jason & Jen about writing in comics.
  • Flicking through Craig Thompson's 'Carnet De Voyage' and remembering how good it is.
  • The red softdrink that Trev bought a jug of... mmm refreshing.
Late this month will be SUPANOVA here in Melbourne:
Dates: March 27-29, 2009
Venue: Melbourne Showgrounds
Event website: http://supanova.com.au

Drop in for all the comic and pop-culture fun!