10 June 2008

Got into the city early to give myself an early birthday present (my birthday was on the following day 8th-June) - and went around to all the central bookshops and comicbook shops and 'splurged' on myself.

I picked up:

Thomas Ott's newest hard-cover book 'The Number 73304.23.4153.6.96.8'

Catchy title eh?

When you go into a comic shop, just ask for Ott's latest book because you'll never remember the title accurately. This book is wonderfull. Though it's a wordless book (and a relatively quick read) it's very enjoyable and easy to follow. It shows the power of the 'visual' in comics.

It's a little pricey, but a must for B&W artits/fans.
I highly recommend it.

I've been a fan of Shaun Tan's work since i discovered his book 'The Lost Thing' years ago. The guy is simply a genius. Forget trying to categorise his books into a demographic or genre... they're just works of storytelling art. This latest book 'Tales from outer suburbia' is a hard-cover collection of short stories. Ask for it at any good bookshop.

'Judenhass'. This is a great book. A telling book about the persecution of the Jews and it's unseen connection to the comicbook medium of America. This is the book that apparently made Neil Gaiman cry. Beautiful B&W artwork.

And then the clock hit 1.30pm, and i started making my way down to the comicbook meet at the Prince Albert Hotel/Pub in Carlton.

Got there a little early and was happy to find Colin Wilson sitting outside reading to himself. We had a nice long chat about typography, design & the nice surge of local talent being published today.
Soon enough, Paul Bedford arrived, followed by Darren Close & Trev... and we settled into a nice 'spring-style' lazy Saturday afternoon in leafy Carlton.

We always joke at how well Colin Wilson's hat looks on Darren... don't you think?

Trev also brought along a copy of his newly printed 'Sawbones' Trade Paper Back. Looks great. You can get it straight from Trev, or at the upcoming Doujicon.

Paul looking at artwork for Darren Close's new Killeroo book. More info and pics can be found at Darren's Killeroo blog/journal. Check it out.

After a while, a whole bunch arrived and we had a good turnout.

Sitting inside the pub. That's Canaan sipping his beer... he just came back from Canada. Welcome back!

Had nice chats with everyone. Greg Gates had a whole bunch of free pens he gave out.. and Dave Cunning showed off his new haircut. I have to admit though, that Colin was right... we should have stayed outside, because as soon as we got cosy inside the pub, i could feel us all getting tired and sleepy.

Anyway... aside from the drowsiness, it was a lot of fun. These meetups are something i 'lock' into my calendar every month.

There's a really great buzz about the local scene right now with a lot of new books being published; both through bigger publishers, as well as self-publishers. Also, with the emergence of big & medium sized conventions in the last 2 years - it really is an exciting time to be publishing comics because everyone's inspired and there are now many, many areas in which to sell your stuff. There's really no excuse, and i for one am charged about it. Really, I'm having the best time in my life right now writing and drawing my books, and being involved with all you great people in the scene doing the same.

A salute to you all.


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