03 December 2007

Mandy's work has always been a favorite of mine. Her brushwork and inking style give her stories a real density and boldness. Her books are a real pleasure to read.

On the weekend, Mandy launched her new book 'Roof Tops' at the Brunswick St bookshop 'Brunswick Bound'. The place was full of people. A great turnout for Mandy and a thoroughly enjoyable environment.

Except for the HEAT. Geez it was hot. And I mean HOT.

The book launch was on the second floor of the shop.

The display was simple - yet striking.

Mandy had frames of her book enlarged, then 'tiled' across the length of the wall to form wonderful eye-candy. It really 'sold' the book well and gave people a chance to 'voyeuristically' look at the artwork before they held the book.

As people crowded in - the temperature went UP, and I got uncomfortably hot.

So I shot toward Mandy's books like an arrow.

Bought a copy, and left the crowd to go downstairs to view it in air-conditioned luxury. Trev and I sat comfortably on a couple of awesome fat couches and chatted a while. A few regular faces came past and joined us. Had some good chats with the likes of Philip & Micheal about the book launch and 'what sells' in our environment.

Soon most of the regulars congregated around us, and so we decided it was time to head down one block to the pub.

We headed to the back (beer garden) of the pub and nestled into a small alcove with wall-to-wall couches. Very comfortable, and (I'm told by Paul) - was a good environment for drinking.

What followed was the usual talk of comics, craft, books, drinking, etc....... all the things that make these meets great. It was a lot of fun.

After it's over, your filled with a little sadness because you'll have to wait another month to engage your fetish 'publicly' again.

Till next year's meet in January...


PS: Click here for some more pics from Colin Wilson's sweet little iPhone.