05 November 2007

Those who didn't come to this month's meetup missed a good one.

The biker (with the enormous head), staring like a psychotic - is me.

Colin Wilson's new toy. The latest iPhone.

I've had enough of the picture quality of my shitty digital camera, as you can see from the ongoing 'blurred' photos I take (above), and welcomed Colin's new gadget. He took a whole-lota-beta pics than i did.

The 'feel' of each meetup is always (Always) a little different. This month's was very cosy and intimate. Aside from Paul bringing along the final print version of The List, no one brought along any self-published comics to sell. A few comics were passed around which people thought others should look at. Always a delight in finding new comicbooks to read/buy this way. From this, followed a lot of disscussion about comicbook craft & philosophy.

A friendly, relaxed & 'intellectual' kind of meetup was how i saw this month's get-together.

Click here for more photos from Colin Wilson.