01 September 2007

I learnt my lesson at last month's meet. Don't buy a (so called) energy juice from Vitoria Market before the comics meet. It made me fall asleep last time. So I went into this meet - juiceless.

This months meetup was very full. About 12-15 people showed up showing their work and various books.

Greg & Tom were viewing a book Colin brought in called: "The Artist Within" by Greg Preston which showcases large photos of well-known comic artists in their studios. Very nice coffee table book.

The talented Mr Pop looking at my copy of Dave Sim's "Cerebus:The Last Day" - which I brought in for the missing Paul.B to look at.

Bruce Mutard's finished upcoming release called "The Sacrifice". This book looks beautiful and massive! Definitely something to get when it's released.

Some of the attendees...

An even wider shot of some of the attendees. This month's meet was pretty big, yet very 'mingly' (if thats even a word) - as people were comfortably moving around and talking with each other. The feel was more like a gallery or book signing this month.

I really enjoyed this month's meet. Each week has it's own 'feel'. Sometimes its very intimate where only a few people turn up and we have a cosy time hudled around a table looking over people's work and discussing comics. This month was very open and warm (like a barbeque at someone's house). I think I moved around and chatted to most of the people who turned up.

As usual, came away excited at seeing the efforts of some people's work. Embarrasses me into getting my arse into gear.