28 March 2015

Pitika Press - [27.03.2015]

Matt Emery (of Pikitia Press), launched David Blummenstein's newest book #TAKEDOWN yesterday. It all took place in one of the coolest little Melbourne laneway workshop/studios you'll come accross.

David Blummenstein's great story about attending the recent controversial 'pickup artist' event in Melbourne. An honest story showing his experience, thoughts and discussions with those he met there. A very cool personal perspective of a sensationalised media event.

I also picked up a couple of Noah Van Sciver's comics. Great stuff.

Ha... The very first comicbook anthology I was ever in (Vexed) sat on the shelves too! Turns out it was Michael Fikaris' first submission in a book too. Small world.

Such a great creative environment...

David's stuff.

Matt Emery running the show.

I'm so glad I went to this little launch. My camera adored the cool warehouse studio, and I loved the comics.

17 February 2015

Festival of the Photocopier 2015

Darren Close and I made our way into the city for this event last Sunday (15.02.15)... I parked my car, and as we walked down to the event, I had my 'camera eye' on and snapped a few shots...


I don't know whether it was the fact that the Melbourne festival was on during the day too, or that Sticky Institute stuck posters up around the city (telling people where/when it was on), or that they simply just advertised the event better this year... but this was the BEST Sticky Fair ever.

Click on the photo above to view the panorama pic.

It was packed...! and beautifully air-conditioned :)

The Milk Shadow Books table.

Frank Candiloro.

Chris Gooch.

Matt Emery.

The beautiful poster for the fair.

Walking back to my parked car... cutting through my favorite alley.

26 January 2015

Melbourne Comics Quartely: issue-1

A few hours ago was the official launch of Melbourne Comics Quarterly (issue-1). You guessed it... a local comics anthology every 3 months! It was held at the very cool Gasolina (Docklands).

The comics sold like cigarettes in prison.

Was good to chat with old faces and talent.

Trevor & Steve on the mechanical bull.

Neville Howard (the mastermind behind Melbourne Comics Quarterly), and his GoPro.

Comics, beer, bands, motorcycles and vintage kitch. What more do you need?

I shot all the above photos on my Sony A7 camera (with new FOTGA adapter) using a Canon 50mm f/1.4 Ultrasonic lens... I'm liking the setup :)